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Do you wonder:  Why do I crave sugar?  How can I stay healthy? Is there anything I can do to have more energy and feel better?  How can I eat to stay healthy and slim? I have helped many people JUST LIKE YOU  lose weight, eliminate sugar and carb cravings and improve their general health with 5 simple lifestyle changes. This program is the EASIEST thing you have every done. Two choices so everybody has a fit.

  Freedom from Food Cravings in Only Five Days!
I Love Working with Womans Health!

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How to Eat Healthy
How to Improve Your Health and Maintain Your Goal Weight
An Easy Way to Live and Feel Good

The  programs I use as guides are based on a trilogy of a Healthy Diet of good food that does not spike your blood sugar, a Modest Exercise Program, and Cellular Nutrition. Both On-line Health and Weight Loss programs are your way to safely, simply and effectively achieve a permanent, healthy weight. In as little as 8 Weeks you can feel better and look better than you dreamed possible.

People all  around the world can get the results they want. The 5 Simple Rules of Health and Weight Loss are  simple lifestyle changes you need to make in order to have the Health and Weight Loss you want. Over time, these new lifestyles become natural and eventually just a way of life.

If you follow directions, this will be the easiest and most satisfying thing
you have ever done for yourself.

You will love your new freedom to choose your food rather than have your food chose you.  Both these programs are amazing;  You will NEVER WEIGHT YOUR FOOD, COUNT CALORIES OR POINTS.  When you become naturally hungry, you simply eat another low-glycemic meal or snack.

YES – You will EAT when you are HUNGRY.

"R" is for Rebalancing Your Body and Restoring Your Health


Everybody starts both programs by doing  a 5-Day Jump Start to rebalance your bodies insulin's response and break through any insulin resistance. Not only will FREE YOU FROM CRAVINGS but it is a great way to stay healthy.  During the first five day you will eat low glycemic food every 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours;  3 meals and 2 snacks daily.

I believe so strongly that if you do not take the first 5 days to Free Yourself from  Food Cravings stemming from your bodies insulin resistance you will fail. The goal of a Jump Start is to restore the way your body responds to insulin. This is essential to womens health.
Only people willing to commit to a thorough 5 Day Jumpstart will be accepted into the 8 Week Coached Program.

I also encourage the use of prescription quality vitamins and minerals. It is almost impossible to get all the nutrition you need  from the food grown in our depleted soil and if you are not getting proper nutrition you will have difficulty releasing excessive fat.

Any  meal and snack replacements  used need to be certified low-gylcemic with no presevative or additives.  Remember, this is a program of Health and Weight Loss. Meal and snack replacements are a great behavioral modification tools. They allow you to break from your normal eating pattern which makes it easier to establish a healthier diet. You will quickly and easily get out of any “glycemic stress” because you are not spiking your blood sugar. You will lose your cravings because you are stimulating the release of those stress hormones. Your natural appetite slowly comes under control and you are able to eat like a normal person.

Imagine - You Will Eat Like a Normal Person!

There are products I can recommend to you that have been involved in numerous, independent  long term studies that prove their quality and effectiveness. I do NOT consider any study funded by the company using it to be a true reflection on the products.
I suggest getting your supplements prescribed from your medical doctor and/or to use one of four (three are available only by prescription in the USA) given the 5 Star Gold Seal in the *Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements Northern Dimensions Publishing. The Guide is an unbiased source of information since it has no association with any of the manufactures included in the publication. 

Of course, it is always a good idea  to check with your Doctor before beginning any new health program.


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