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12 Week On-Line Self-Directed Program
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This is the perfect program choice for the busy person who wants daily support and accountability. This program has been in existence for over 10 years with clinically documented success. The support information you will receive was created by Dr. Strand who has specialized in nutritional medicine for over 30 years. This is literally his personal medical office online.  The internet offers us a unique tool which is amazingly effective in evaluating, documenting, encouraging, and holding individuals accountable. People anywhere in the world who want healthier lifestyles that have a side-effect of permanent weight loss can now have lifetime success. This approach can be done in the privacy of their own home and where they receive professional guidance and support from my entire staff.

The 12 Week length of time is the proven length necessary to change existing habits. Imagine having energy, sleeping all night, lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. I have seen these things happen to many people using this program. You Must be Willing and Committed to Follow Directions.  Many people loose 4 - 10 pounds within the first week. Wow! That is fast weight loss.

Each week you receive detailed on-line weight loss instructions via email to inform you and instruct you about the scientific evidence that supports your new recommended lifestyle changes. You can download these trainings and also view them as "flashpoint" presentations.  These weekly trainings will guide you into simple but specific lifestyle changes, which will not only create good health but also have a SIDE EFFECT OF FAT LOSS.

To keep you on track as you adjust to your new lifestyle of good health you will also receive daily Tips, Healthy Facts, Motivational and Educational emails. These messages will be filled with practical advice along with encouragement as you safely loose fat and inches. The emails will motivate you to make lifestyle changes to achieve good health and a strong, leaner body full of energy.

EVERYBODY needs to start the 12 Weeks by re-balancing your body. This is done by eating only low-glycemic meals and snacks every 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours. You MUST get out of Insulin Resistance so your body begins to function normally. You need to clear your mind and BE FREE FROM CRAVINGS so you can be open and learn the messages in the 12 Weeks.  

There are low glycemic meal and snack replacements products I suggest to Jump-Start your weight loss. They taste great and are convenient, inexpensive, and best of all will not spike your blood sugar.  They are combinations of good carbohydrates that are absorbed slowly, good fats, and good proteins with NO ADDITIVES, ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS or PRESERVATIVES which makes them healthy, delicious meal and snack replacements.

WARNING *Read the labels on all products - be aware of misleading word phrases - do not eat any GMO products.

After years of personally researching numerous meal replacement and protein shakes and bars for taste & un-biased, non-company paid for studies I feel confident the products I use and recommend are far superior in quality, taste and blendabilty than anything else.   Healthy meal and snack replacements are a great behavioral modification tool. They allow you a break from your normal eating pattern as you begin to establish a healthier diet. I want you to have TOOLS THAT WORK !! You quickly get out of any "glycemic stress" because you are not spiking your blood sugar and you get rid of Sugar and Carbohydrate cravings because you are stimulating the release of  stress hormones. Your natural appetite slowly comes under control.                  

         This is a great start in setting up a new, healthier lifestyles that will                                   ALLOW YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT.

But this is just a start. Once you completely re-balance your Insulin Response you will absolutely want to move on immediately to the TRANSFORMATION PHASE if you want to continue to reach your weight loss goals.  Some of you will have reached or are at a Healthy Weight now. Please skip to the description of the MAINTENANCE PHASE and Drink some pure clean water :)   During the TRANSFORMATION PHASE  you will replace 2 meals and 1 snack with the suggested meal and snack replacements. These are either the products I suggest or proteins and carbs combination from an up-coming email. You will eat 1 regular meal and snack that does not spike your blood sugar. I will give you suggestions (remember what I said about my suggestions? They really aren't suggestions) on what foods/brands will work.    The Glycemic Index is an excellent place to learn more about low-glycemic foods. I encourage you to go to this FREE link and save it for future reference.  In the of the TRANSFORMATION PHASE of the program you will ONLY EAT 100% whole grain bread - cereals - pasta. NO SUGAR & NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER. These  foods are dangerous and can quickly get you back into cravings.     

                                  I will only coach people willing to commit to a thorough
                                              5 Day Re-Balancing of your insulin response.

                                My experience is if you do not make this commitment you will fail.

              I repeat;
If you do not make a commitment to
                               Re-Balance Your Body you will FAIL!

Do you want to stay healthy & learn how to eat healthy with a side effect of weight loss?

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